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Applying to UMass IMS program

The University of Massachusetts Intercampus Marine Science graduate program offers a high-quality education with the affordability of a public university. The excellent faculty and variety of resources offered by the University of Massachusetts five-campus system make the IMS graduate program an excellent choice.

For the application process, interested students, depending on their research interests, apply to 1 of the following UMass campuses:

While IMS students may take courses at UMass Worcester Medical campus, please be aware the Worcester campus does not accept IMS applications.

The applications, admission procedures, and financial matters (such as tuition, fees, expenses, financial aid, stipends) are all handled by the graduate studies department of the selected ‘home’ campus. Because applications are handled by individual campus, we strongly advise that interested students be active in contact the IMS campus coordinator on the selected ‘home’ campus prior to applying.

Please note that it is important that interested students take an active role in also contacting faculty member(s) who could potentially advise them, as well as making an effort to seek funding before applying to IMS. You must have an advisor to attend IMS. We have a limited number of TA positions, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships and to be considered you must submit your applications before the deadline.

For more detailed information on admissions for each of the four campuses, visit Admission Resources. Or, contact us with any questions.